Dirty Sneakers [EP]

by T.Lucas & Substantial

My Sole 04:00
INTRO I know I know I know I know it’s getting complicated I know I know I know I know you’re trying hard to make it Just keep on pushing keep on pushing you know God is the greatest But lord i don’t know how much more of this that i can take-in I know I know I know I know it’s getting complicated I know I know I know I know you’re trying hard to make it Just keep on pushing keep on pushing you know God is the greatest But lord i don’t know how much more of this that i can take-in ummmm hmmmmm HOOK I’m pouring out my soul, out here trying to get known Everybody wanna go platinum. But I’m just trying to get to my goals. See my (Goals in my mouth so I speak it to existence goals in my mouth so I speak it to existence) V1 Last year was a tough one, waiting here for the sun to come I’m climbing up to that tippy top… I guess that’s where imma jump from Steady tryna be me (be me)... but everybody wanna be someone Posted up on Venice beach, with my senorita and my young ones It’s amazing I’m phasin’ im patient-let waiting for the situation To change and go cra-zay, when the beat bang on the radio station But they don’t wanna hear it doe, they don’t wanna hear me tho, the don’t wanna see a nigga grow, (naaaw) But I’m tryna see a check (check), sittin on a nigga neck bigger than a mutha fuckin Figueroa Woah... look at the clarity i been seeing through the mirror seeing shit embarras me I been seein singularity, everything is funny just like a parody Imma take off and leave from this earth (earth) y’all gon seeee what I’m worth (first) Prophecieeees ain’t no stoppin meeeee I’m like socrateeees on each verse (church) Go inside, imma Co-in-cide, imma slow it down, to a older time When i chose to rhyme this soul of mine… I’m gone let it shine (let it shine x 3) Cause i get better with time and instead of just cryin’ I’m... HOOK V2 This year is a rough one to confront, ain’t nuffin left to run from Where i come from ain’t nobody sittin round waiting on a trust fund So i go and get it...no permission, I’m so ambitious: puff puff (diddy) Like I’m 50 on the come up but keep the golds in my mouth like I’m young buck But this shit just keeps on escaping me feeling so wild and so flagrantly I don’t know how they taking me? I need a vacancy I know I’m built for this shit just don’t know what they’ll make of me I got this from A to Z maybe I’m tryna get paid and full (paid and full) So I’m taking my time, bow my head say my grace on this plate of food (plate of food) We all play the fool (play the fool) ....use ya mind, that’s the greatest tool Cause I’m tryna see racks on racks on racks on racks (on racks on racks on racks?) like I’m playin pool So I take the cues, never break the rules, working hard everyday never take a snooze Cause I pay my dues, never play to lose, in my favorite shoes. And my pace is smooth As I take a view at the scenery… peacefully smokin my greenery I memba no one believed in me, now they just openly greeting me I need a second to breathe… I just been stressing for weeks Lord put your blessings on meeeee, to be what I’m destined to beeee/ HOOK
Substantial V1 When I’m near this mic here incite fear Time to depart the moment I arrive here Some took a stab their now slabs on my spear Unworthy of the throne they couldn’t handle my high chair Spit a dart that zips pass the right ear That’s fair warning, I’ll never fight fair for my share I’m everclear competitors... light beer I’m everywhere, God said let it be light there Follow orders, I’m hoppin borders across the water I’m the sorta performer to kill out on the corner Or the festival stage. Don't engage. It’s slaughter Cypher’s my arcade, I’ll leave the game out of order On my daughters, DDT’em before I tag you in Not a rap god or devil, bruh just a rap mutant You’re Rasputin, I’m raps Newton... Sir Isaac On the shoulders of giants looking past the horizon Back off this black author, smack talker This dope faded more people than a black barber All you know is the beat professional jack-offers I'm never known for entertaining a wack offer I dotter, T crosser. Heat sourcer Searching for bigger fish to fry, I eat orca New classic in the works get your pre-orders ‘Cause a change gonna come like I skeet quarters How’s that for a money shot, get a napkin I’ll quit when the money stop, still rapping Arctic when the block’s hot I’m cool as Aspen Hock spit if the music knock boom bappin Back when the shit wasn't cool to do Lunchroom spazzing, we looked like somes fool to you Happen to slew a crew or two Now a couple passport stamps later dummy the fool is who?! HOOK T.Lucas V2 The way I’m flipping these words is so perpendicular First I just rip em you can just tell I am a verbal Hitler See every single shot Im bursting I’m killing the listener Reverse a simple church goer turn em to Harry Krishna‘s When I pause there ain’t no intermission no flaws when I’m finish spitting No condoms go raw in the summon sisters I’m missing a few screws loose and about to twist em Go in the lab and hang up a sign that says no visitors I’m on another plane of existence where you wish you was In a different dimension where I’m holding lyrical prisoners Tied with extension cords when I plug it, it will sizzle ya Unoriginal manuscriptures I rip and get rid of ya Use the same flame that’s in the Hades to light my Swishers up Same flame I use to torch you and light the Olympics up None of my predecessors even interest us were inches from Burning up all the bridges and missing your militia This is an intervention of sliding their wrists with suicidal intentions Into much valium prescriptions I am on a mission, computer virus to all you widgets Séancein‘ with witches in rooms painted with hieroglyphics let me just switch it Three point shots without the assistance I’m gifted the same reason the Grinch is pissed at Christmas I had a baby with Chrystal, shit didn’t go the distance Risking it all hoping this shit just falls in position Like a meteor from space that hits in the wrong place Displacing water in places that basically raise the rivers up Give it up I’m cutting their faces like Edward scissors Then turn them around to look at disgracefulness in the mirrors Like ten Dr. Kevorkian’s mix with some Jack the Rippers And seven serial killers eating Hannibal dinners Understand there was a storm now I’m planning a blizzard With a smidgen of JAY-Z mixed with a WuTang and RZA This is exquisite I’m carving out my name and inscripting it on the mic To leave the game as the best that ever did it say what HOOK
HOOK Dirty sneakers and filthy shoe laces (The raw shit I’m traveling the 52 states with) Dirty sneakers and filthy shoe laces (The pages, i pen em wit the pain from the pavements) Dirty sneakers and filthy shoe laces (Be patient but takes risks all i gotta say is just) Dirty sneakers and filthy shoe laces (Be hangin on the power lines danglin’) T.Lucas V1 Aerodynamical flow with a panoramic glow Tryna wash my sins clean with some janitors soap Go back and forth like a palindrome i manage to cope! Working a 9-5 even my managers broke How shall i survive i without handling dope? Orchestrated and pull the strings like a mandolin note All I ever wanted was to be branded the GOAT And get a couple Grammys so my granny would know Instead i wake up on the floor of the basement, roaches crawling adjacent Now THAT’S what i call a motivation Why I’m still in this bitch and I ain’t make it out yet? Why i ain’t got no shoes? And no latest outfit? 5 shots near my window neighborhood got hit Another war story memorial, the rain droplets Is pouring down the sidewalk, where bums hustle change, Newport’s then they slide off. Ratchet bitch use ya kids as a tax write off For 24 hour stores that never take a nite off Pepco cut the lites off I paint a picture over ya heads… Michaelangelo! For every ounce of blood that was shed on white canvas souls HOOK Jda4th V2 Pulled over for the 5th time Put ya hand on the steering wheel or the bullets right through ya left eye Skin color is the crime so they grip on the holsters Mix us in the same bowl like chipotle orders Whether you got dirty sneakers or 20 bands and a Hummer You can get laid down on the streets like a manhole cover It’s the life I live at the scene of the venue Schizophrenic mother drunk and a brother with issues Little sister got caught up in the system SunGard taken from her man I really miss him Cousin caught a heart attack weeks from his birthday His living legacy is an eight ball and a mixtape What am I to do with this every nigga I grew up with Drink sorrows from a bottle or drugs that’s gratuitous I’m sick of all the foolishness I know just what to do with this Get stronger in your mind and shine like the newest kicks/
V1 (T.Lucas) Breakfast in bed a couple text i ain’t read I’m on a money making mission getting next to this bread Just like the jelly, whether summer when it’s sweaty, winter coat up In a skully I’ll be there right when my homies call me just like Makavelli Ayeee.....top notch on the front page blunts blazin Feeling like a joint Jay bout to roc-a-nation Hit me up on the phone, what’s the conversation? ...young nigga get paid I’m dipping and flipping it while I’m switching positioning I keep it tuned up and super tight like michelin He can’t go this long he ain’t got the conditioning You talkin way too much why don’t you shut up and listen in Danger danger, from New York down to Decatur This is major player, she pop and lock it stop and drop it like a hot potato The lights is flashing bells is whistling like slots in Vegas Hop up in this ‘copter we can chop it later uhhh HOOK (Substantial) 5 stars, enjoy your stay Black man get your bag, now we got it made King Shit, live up today Akeem need a Queen I ain’t come to play 5 stars, enjoy your stay Black man get your bag, now we got it made King Shit, live it up today We done came along way fam I gotta say V2 (T.Lucas) Head is spinning from waves in 17 different ways I’m thinking about a plan this shits very sophisticated See we outta the hood I’m glad that a night made it. ...take the end of the blunt and finally incinerate it I’m gone till November this shit be hard to remember I’m eatin sushi for breakfast used to be ramen for dinner I’m actin bougi on ex’s can’t even call me whenever Now it’s penthouse suites, stay is the longer the better ayeee It’s cool, great view, bathroom royal blue, Penthouse, she nice, get right, fall through It’s a party any day anytime that you want to We stepping in the name of love I’m just doing my 1,2’s And 3,4’s we balling just like D.Rose We keep it our little secret, just as long as she knows Made it to a hero, all the way from zero Just keep the towel below, to cover up the weed smoke, here we go HOOK
My hearts frigid, cold outside, minus 2 degrees A warm fireplace. Eatin’ crackers with the some Gouda cheese Thinking bout memories of a fonder time I played it on rewind, soon as you palmed your wine I said I love you… but right now I’m on the grind Can’t afford to pay you attention ‘cause you cost too high Peach from a orchard, sweet lullaby my black orchid Beautiful picture we painted inside a cracked portrait Can’t describe the melodies of her exact softness… Similar to Egyptian flutes played in rolls royces We had the time of our lives, and I made some poor choices… And now your heart remains closed like un-boiled oysters Thirsty for ya luvin’ i ain’t left the kitchen in days Ya perfume lingers like Sade singing of pain Bringing the rain to a sunny day forget all of the money BAE It’s just me and you now, let’s just runaway! If this is meant to be And you’re the one meant for me There thru the ups and downs, when no comes around Then baby this is it for me But if this is meant to fail Our heaven becomes a living hell Yeah it’s sad and done but we had our fun And I promise to wish you well Wishing well... The more love we made, the more lazy… Planned to paint a narrative of our lives vivid as Scorsesee Taken trips to Co-zumel, the waters of Haiti… Everything was all swell till you wanted a baby My appetite was too lustful, hard to adjust to Wanted a piece of the pie and wanted the crust too Forcing you to live a lie but still wanted to trust you… Found out yesterday one of the homey’s had crushed you… Damn, the stain of the pain it remains on the brains Im playin’ 808’s and heartbreaks for days upon days I’ve been living in a dark place but I’ll never cave Too much pride, rather go blind like Etta James Now I’m just sippin my whiskey in doubles (doubles) Like ole timers tryna soak up my troubles We used to take pictures in public as lovers (lovers) And now I’m just a insignificant other (other) If this is meant to be And you’re the one meant for me There thru the ups and downs, when no comes around Then baby this is it for me But if this is meant to fail Our heaven becomes a living hell Yeah it’s sad and done but we had our fun And I promise to wish you well Wishing well... What did we do to get here? All the magic we had has disappeared. The opposite of right, 'cause all we do is fight. That lovely dream took flight, and now it's unclear Where we'll go from this moment on. We tried our best to retain that bond. It's clear to see, there's no more you and me. Through it all, you'll remain in my memory. If this is meant to be And you’re the one meant for me There thru the ups and downs, when no comes around Then baby this is it for me But if this is meant to fail Our heaven becomes a living hell Yeah it’s sad and done but we had our fun And I promise to wish you well Wishing well


T.Lucas and Substantial's collaboration EP, "Dirty Sneakers" consists of five tracks produced by Substantial with verses by T.Lucas including features by DJ RBI, JDA, and soul vocalist, Stephanie Gayle.

To many people, sneakers are a status symbol. The brand, price, and condition of your sneakers are sometimes a reflection, accurate or not, of where you are in life. Dirty Sneakers could be a symbol of the struggle, where you have been, or even your level of comfort with where you are in life. Like most things it's based on your perspective. The "Dirty Sneakers" EP takes us on an audio journey with T.Lucas as he shares the ups and downs of the path he has traveled. Every song is a metaphorical scuff or polish as we listen and attempt to walk in his shoes.


released May 22, 2020

Written by T.Lucas & S.Robinson
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Substantial
Cover Art by Stan "Substantial" Robinson for Substantial Art & Music, LLC


all rights reserved



T.Lucas| Rap Philosopher Capitol Heights, Maryland

Leader of the "Lucid Ones".
....chase your dreams but stay woke.

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